Kira’s Quest – the Launch

October 17, 2015, a golden, crisp sunny day for the book launch of Kira’s Quest, the second book in this series (Kira’s Secret was the first).  The event was held in the gallery at The Guild in Charlottetown.  We were surrounded by art – sculptures, paintings, ceramics – a beautiful setting for the launch.  I brought the painting by Elaine C. Dillingham, illustrating a scene from the  book.  Thank you to all the folks who attended – I got to read to a captive audience!  And thanks to Terrilee Bulger, publisher of Acorn Press for organizing the launch and the lovely treats she brought.  A new feature at this launch was the ongoing art show in the gallery, so I’m sure those few souls who wandered in expecting a serene environment were surprised to find us there, in the middle of another ‘event’.  Also, the tap dancers above us, oblivious I’m sure to what was happening below.  In fact I did pause at one point to remark that they must be tap dancing on the main floor, not realizing that was what was actually happening!

My day ended after the launch with a lovely walk around Victoria Park, accompanied by several of my writing group and one Pug happy to be released from the car.  What a glorious day!

A scene from Kira's Quest, by Elaine Dillingham
A scene from Kira’s Quest, by Elaine Dillingham
The launch crowd
The launch crowd
With my two lovely mermaids, Uma and Shania
With my two lovely mermaids, Uma and Shania

Launch KQ U, O, S

One thought on “Kira’s Quest – the Launch

  1. Beth October 18, 2015 / 9:45 pm

    It was a wonderful event! I’m glad the second Kira book has been launched… I’m almost finished reading it. Congratulations, Orysia!


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