Kira’s Pendright

What is a pendright? You won’t find the word in a dictionary, at least not in any found above the sea. I can tell you that it’s a term used by merrow royalty. You’ll have to wait until the book, Kira’s Pendright, is available before you can find out, I’m afraid. I just sent the completed manuscript to the publisher today. This is the third book in the Kira series, and I’m excited about releasing it into the world. I’ll keep you updated on timelines as I learn them. It often takes a long time between pushing the ‘send’ key on the laptop to having a solid, paper copy in hand. Meanwhile, I hope you’ve had a chance to read the second book, Kira’s Quest. The adventure continues…..

And now it’s time to put up a few strings of chili lights in the windows to get ready for Christmas. Tomorrow I’ll make my Hoot ‘n Holler Whiskey Cake, which is essentially the only baking I do this time of year. Once the New Year comes, I’ll be changing gears to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas, Sviat Vecher (Holy Supper).  This year my husband and I are hosting the local Ukrainian community at our home again. It’s pot luck (12 traditional dishes, don’t you know?) so everyone gets to contribute their favourites.  I’ll write more about that festivity later. Now back to my memoir of Asil Akkush, a most exceptional canine.

Any thoughts?

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