A Remarkable Day + One

Friday, October 13th, Ioanna picked me up for a trip down the Tasman shore to visit Port Arthur, a world heritage site. It is known for its prisons once housing male convicts transported from the UK as well as a boys’ prison and a community of free settlers and military personnel. We also stopped at Remarkable Cave which opens into the sea and several other spectacular natural features like Tasman Blowhole, Tasman Arch and Devil’s Kitchen. On our drive back to her home via Eaglehawk Neck we walked down to the rocky beach of Tessellated Pavement, a natural rocky wonder.


Port Arthur grounds


Remarkable cave as water rushes in from the sea


Looking up along the side walls of the open end of the ‘cave’


The Devil’s Arch

Before we left Hobart we visited an art gallery with a display of 14 thylacine figures representing the effect of human activities on this unique, over-hunted, haunted and virtually (if not probably) exterminated Tasmanian species (aka Tasmanian tiger). Just before Port Arthur we stopped at a lovely caravan coffee stand on the side of the road. We sat on pillows on a rug, wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot mocha and eating a chocolate brownie while enjoying the spectacular view below. Ioanna and I discovered how much we had in common, she being the daughter of Greek immigrants, and I of Ukrainian immigrants. We also both love good coffee and chocolate!


Open concept – roadside al fresco living room with awesome view. Notice my friend’s amazing sitting posture.  She’s a yoga teacher.


Tessellated pavement with the tide rolling in – a bit too ‘slippy’ to skip on!

The next morning we took a walk along the sandy white beach below her delightful home and I snapped photos of a pair of Pied Oystercatchers – check out the red bill! Writer Terry Whitebeach joined us for a generous brunch of stewed fruit, sweet potato spinach frittata, yoghurt, honey, tahini, cheeses, hummus, breads, etc. We talked for hours about writing, food, travel, family, culture, indigenous issues in Tasmania and Canada. Brunch turned into afternoon tea, you get the idea.


Pied Oystercatcher looking for breakfast on the Blue Lagoon near Dodges Ferry

Any thoughts?

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