Land of Flowers and Dropped Petals

Early May in Vancouver visiting family and friends, I have found the warmth and colours that are slowly coming to PEI after our long winter on the east coast.  During my stay here I also visited the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the work of Takashi Murakami, called The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg.  Mind-bending to say the least.

Exhibit entry
Octopus legs and parts surround us.
Octopus forever
There’s a lot going on

I’ve also been enjoying my brother Terry’s fine gourmet offerings, tasting culinary delights at a local craft fair with my sister-in-law Jodie, and watching niece Kira perform in Moby Dick the Musical at the Lord Byng High School.  Kira played the part of Moby Dick, encased in a suitably decorated large white box….plus she provided live special effects and sang and danced with the chorus.  A lively, colourful and complicated show pulled off beautifully by the huge cast.

Here are a few of the photos from my walks with Kaia, the smallest member of the family, as we wandered the cherry blossom petal-covered sidewalks, and through the magnificent flowers and trees of Queen Elizabeth Park.







Kaia on petals
Kaia leading me home on the cherry blossom-petalled sidewalk


Vancouver home
Home at last!

Any thoughts?

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