Rika’s Shepherd is on the way!

Finally, my latest YA book is nearly ready for flight.  The first draft was finished in the US in 1997 during a leave of absence from my job in PEI.  The launch will be in June or September 2018 — I will post the date as soon as I know.  The story is fictional though many events are based on real incidents experienced by myself, other dog owners, farmers and real dogs.  My characters are inspired by the rural history and immigration of Dutch farmers to PEI, by dog trainers and veterinarians I have worked with and learned from, and by my local community of talented fibre artisans.

I am also indebted to the many people who have given me feedback during the long, interrupted process of writing and polishing this work – from my beloved writing group of sisters, to creative writing fellow students and teachers (thank you, Richard Lemm!), and many others — you know who you are.  And to my newest group of inspiring friends, the generous writing community in Tasmania, a huge warm hug of thanks to all of you.

Rika with a livestock guardian pup-in-training

Any thoughts?

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