Ancient and Modern Arts of Utah

On our final day together, our host Rene took Diane, Kat and me to the Ivins area to scramble over ancient rocks in search of petroglyphs. I am happy to report that we found them.

A typical view in southern Utah, looking across a valley from the petroglyph site


Rene & Patrick in conversation; Kat & Diane in photo mode (scarlet cactus flowers ahoy!)

And finally, petroglyphs!  They were all over the dark grey stone slabs once you paid attention.

Ancient graffiti? Or not so ancient?
The real deal, really.

After our 2 mile petroglyph hike we bade Martine and Patrick farewell, then drove up to the Ivins arts village to tour the local galleries. Then back to the Xetava Cafe to sample their artful culinary delights.

Rene with a loaded cocoa coffee. And that’s my usual fruity sangria in the foreground.

My friends Diane and Kat below are also suitably impressed with their fancy drinks.



Any thoughts?

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