Hiking with Rudy

My last hike along the base of Mt. Eldon with Rudy as my guide, and the day before the forest was closed to all traffic, on foot and otherwise, due to the extreme dry conditions and danger of fires. It was a glorious, sunny day as we explored the giant boulders at the base of the mountain along the dry stream bed.

What are you waiting for? Rudy asks as I keep stopping to take photos.
Huge boulders between us and the slopes of Mt. Eldon
Facing east with Mt. Eldon on the left. The ground cover is crispy dry prior to the monsoons of July
I don’t recall the proper name of the ‘alligator’ tree, but the nick name works for me
And Rudy leads me back home, in case I don’t recognize the pipeline trail


Here’s Randy with Rosebud, their African Grey parrot. They are great pals, they even dress alike (sort of)

Any thoughts?

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