Winter on PEI

It has arrived. I knew it would happen, but as usual I’d managed to forget about the cold, watching the lazy snowflakes drifting down and whitening the landscape outside my solarium window. How can anything so soft and lovely have such a bite?

Odessa Winter scene 2015Then the wind, that PEI wind creating horizontal snow, burying nearly everything in sight.  Even the skunk, who made his nightly appearance beneath the bird feeders, disappeared completely as he dug for the fallen sunflower seeds under the snow.  And the cars…..

2015 winter cars in snow

not quite buried. It’s cold enough so the snow is still light and easy to brush off.  The ice will come later….  Meanwhile, I stay indoors during the wind storm, catching up on reading, still working on Akkush’s story, keeping the wood stove running and wearing my warmest indoor clothes. I recently emptied drawers and closets of heavy socks, sweaters and old winter coats to donate to Syrian refugees arriving in PEI, but I only need one of each item to keep warm.  And we have fuel to keep the house warm, even when the power goes out.  We have friends around us, family scattered around the world, food to eat, occasions to celebrate.  We look forward to welcoming 2016 with friends in our home the evening of December 31st.  Life is good, even if it is cold outside.

One thought on “Winter on PEI

  1. lhrycak December 29, 2015 / 12:34 pm

    I love the snow capped trees. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about them.


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