Picnic at Opossum Bay

On my last Friday in Tasmania, Libby Goodsir invited a few writers to a potluck picnic at her lovely home in Opossum Bay. The sun shone, the winds were relatively calm, a perfect day on the beach. One of our group, Helen, was brave enough to swim. The rest of us were content to dip our toes in the chilly spring water and sit on the sand or absorb the warmth of sun-heated tessellated rock.


Still a bit too cool to put on a bather, but my feet are naked!


Ioanna and Libby in deep conversation


Kathryn communing with the earth


The Opossum Bay view of Mt. Wellington at a distance, in the centre

And now for a few Hobart scenes taken the next day, before I left.


I took a walk in this lovely park so near to the flat where I’d stayed for 4 weeks.




Then I took a last walk along the wharves at the Hobart waterfront. The sculptures were in honour of the Antarctic explorers who sailed far south to the bottom of the world.




And then my walk back to the flat along the water, in front of the CSIRO research buildings.


A desert-like bush on the left, a wispy she-oak on the right.



Looking past a she-oak on the right to a cluster of sailboats on a race day

Farewell Tasmania – I am sad to leave this beautiful place and all the new friends I have made.  I must return some day.


Any thoughts?

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